Google released the cross-platform development tool – Flutter. They unveiled the tool on December 4, 2018, to develop any applications for platforms like Android, iOS and web applications using a single codebase.

The flutter has grown popular among developers for its unique functionality, easy development of apps and is the best cross-platform tool compared to others SDK.

We opted to develop our taxi booking app in Flutter for many reasons. As Flutter is versatile and is flexible to create many user-friendly and beautiful apps, developing a taxi booking app would boost app performance and be easy to build intuitive UI design.

This blog lists all the reasons to build your taxi booking app using Flutter.

A Cross-Platform Product

As Flutter is a cross-platform development tool, you can create your code once and run on any operating system – iOS, Android, and web application.

A perfect solution to develop MVP for your Taxi Booking App

As MVP product developed at a short time to learn real-time customer’s problems and pain points and to validate their business idea, Flutter reduces the development time and enables startups to launch their taxi booking app faster. You can now develop all the essential features for a taxi booking app faster in your MVP. 

Create Striking UI Design

Flutter gives the option of customizing the existing library of widgets to create features and stunning UI layouts. In this way, developers have a lot of options in their creativity to build beautiful apps.

Growing Developers community

Flutter developer community is increasing and it is growing in big amounts in social media and developer forums.

Any help regarding while developing the product or while integrating any new tool, you can get in touch with the Flutter development community.

Flutter supported by various IDEs

You can code in Flutter using IDE such as Android Studio, IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code. But most developers prefer using VS code as it is light-weight and versatile.


Flutter is an open-source SDK framework. This allows developers to customise the Framework – from widgets to animation.

We have built a taxi booking app using Flutter named Wooberly. It is customizable and ready to go on-demand platform for entrepreneurs and startup owners. For more information on the functionality and features, check out the page