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5 Ways to Create a Positive Experience on your On-Demand Platform

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Do you ever wonder why some on-demand platforms are not appealing enough to use? 

Well, the answer is simple. The platform remotely understands the customer’s needs and has a substandard UI design. 

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner trying to build an on-demand platform for your business, you need to analyze your customer’s behavior on the platform and their experience.

In this way, we can identify the flaws in the design of the on-demand platform and think of ways in giving a positive experience. 

Here are the top 5 ways to create a positive experience for your customers on your on-demand platform. 

1. Enhance Website Navigation 

When users first enter into your platform, through an app or a website, they first try to understand how the app functions.

They click on the options present and crucial navigation links to learn how to book or cancel service and explore what else the app meant to do. 

When designing an on-demand platform, one must remember to

  • Provide a sense of clarity and a clear navigation path to achieve their goal
  • Giving a visually pleasing design to take away the problems of squinting their eyes.
  • Making it quicker to achieve their goals in a few steps like a 2-step booking process

2. Flexible cancellation policy

We all know some trips or plans never go as planned. Canceling a booking at the last minute end in losing half the bucks you paid for it. 

But giving a clear and straightforward cancellation policy would benefit customers to cancel any planned events or trips without losing all their money. 

Uber provides a straightforward cancellation policy to customers. They charge a small fee when the user cancels the ride 5+ minutes after the rider accepts the request.

In some cities where the demand is always higher, a fee charged if the user canceled a ride after 2+ minutes of the booking confirmation.

3. Customer Ratings 

Customer ratings considered a priority for the end-users to judge a provider/Host in the on-demand platform.

As end-users can get connected to any provider/Host, the customer rating helps in judging the host/provider person before interacting with them. 

Most on-demand platforms employ a two-way review system where both the users and providers review each other out of 5.

If the review of a user is below 2.5 and is consistently rated low, the person is either blocked from the platform for a period of time or completely banned from the platform. 

4. Send personalized automated email 

Users feel much better if their automated email personalized about useful offers and notifications relating to their preferences. By users booking history, one can predict their go-to preferred choices when booking.

Here is an example of a personalized email sent by Uber to its customers. 

Uber persoanlised email - RadicalStart_Wooberly

But the personalized emails shouldn’t come across as ‘evil spies’ as that will make customers feel fearful and regretful in using your service. 

Ask their permission and inform your company policies before getting their cookies to give an engaging positive experience on your on-demand platform.  

This makes the users feel much impressed and at the same time, secure in engaging and using your platform.  

5. Fast payment process 

In today’s fast world, users prefer having a fast payment process and not having a need to carry cash and changes for every booking. 

Also, end-users prefer a secure online payment process as you can see so many failed transactions and online money theft.

The solution is using wallets and payment gateway as they provide a fast payment process compared to bank transfers and giving secure transactions as well. 

Famous payment gateways are PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, etc. Integrate their payment gateway on your platform to give a full-on experience. 

To build your own on-demand platform, customize our Wooberly – a pre-built on-demand platform for your business. It has full-fledged features to set up your on-demand business. It is suitable for any business idea of on-demand business models.

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