How to Design and Develop your Taxi Booking App using Flutter?

How to Design and Develop your Taxi Booking App using Flutter?

Are you trying to build a taxi booking app for your business? Then, you need to have a clear idea of how to design and develop an app.


Taxi booking app is the one-stop solution to book a taxi to go from place A to B. It allows users of all ages to book a taxi in a simpler way.

Taxi booking app bridges the gap between the car owners and customers. So, developing a taxi booking app needs intense research on customer experience.

Customers should have the choice to choose any type of vehicle – micro, mini, prime – for traveling it. Users who travel to office or wedding ceremonies, they can book anytime and anywhere.

When you decide to build a taxi booking system, you need to research how to provide a simple and straightforward way to quickly and easily book a taxi for wide variety of users.

1. Research

Since the taxi booking app is already present in the market, and many companies are following the trend of its business model, you need to think of a unique selling point to make your business look apart from the competition.

Gather information on the competitor’s app design and how they funnel the customers into the site. Not everything would be perfect, you may find loopholes on where the customers get disappointed and come out of the app feeling displeased. You can find the problem and implement a practical solution in your taxi booking app.

By researching on competitors, you would have fresh ideas on the way to represent your business as well.

2. Examining User’s Scenario

User scenarios are the stories about the user’s action on the platform having to achieve a specific goals. It is important to consider all the scenarios the user would use the car rental platform.

In each user scenario, examine user satisfaction ratio and pain points to get insights for designing and building your taxi booking app.

There are two ways to find that out:

  • Going through the customer reviews of your competitor’s app.
  • Interviewing people of all age groups
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customer reviews enlighten us with the issues and problems customers face in downloading and using the app.

Issues like:

  • Slow performance of the app
  • Issues in signing into the platform
  • Unable to book a ride at the correct location
  • Not being able to add or make an online payment
  • Interviewing people
  • Interview people who use the taxi booking app very often and find what they come across the pros and cons of using it. Interview people from all age groups to find their satisfaction and pain points.

3. Customer’s Pain Points

You need to find the customer’s pain points for giving a good solution.

By doing deep research, we found out major issues and errors faced by the customers and we found these are the legit ones to be definitely addressed.

Such as:

I. Showing different prices before and after the booking

Customers would select the pick-up and drop locations and check the estimated price. Seeing the price is reasonable, they book the ride to travel. After they reach the destination, they find the total price is higher than the expected prices. This causes disappointment to the customer, making them never return to the site.

II. The App not being understandable to local language

If the users are native speakers, they don’t feel connected or don’t understand how to use the app.

III. Insecure to make an online transaction

We all know how still people these days feel a little bit of nervousness in making an online payment.

IV. Unwelcoming interface which makes it difficult to book a ride

If the User Interface design confuses users and doesn’t provide a clear action path to book a ride, then the business is sure to lose potential customers

4. Solutions

Here are the solutions to the above pain points mentioned

Problem 1: Showing different prices before and after the booking


Transparency is an important virtue for any business. Ensure the price calculation done accurately based on the Kilometers traveled and the time taken to complete the ride.

Problem 2: The App not being understandable to local language


Implement multi-language and multi-currency features in your taxi booking app to connect with your customers and also benefiting travelers and tourists.

Problem 3: Insecure to make an online transaction


Make sure your taxi booking app is SCA compliant and can perform 3D secure transactions. You can integrate a payment gateway which is SCA compliant to the PSD2 rules.

Stripe has implemented perfectly and has made it easier for integrating the payment gateway in the online marketplace and on-demand platforms.

Problem 4: Unwelcoming interface which makes it difficult to book a ride


Design your interface of the taxi booking app to provide a seamless booking process. Make it easier and quicker for users to book a ride. If you develop your taxi booking app using Flutter, you can uncover and create a wide and beautiful UI layout.

5. Choose the right tool to develop your taxi booking app

You can develop the taxi booking app using Flutter, the latest software development kit for cross-platform app development.

But Why Flutter? Let’s discuss in detail,

I. A cross platform product

As Flutter is a cross-platform development tool, you can create your code once and run on any operating system – iOS, Android, and web application.

II. A perfect solution to develop MVP

Flutter reduces the development time and enables startups to launch their taxi booking app faster. You can now develop all the essential features for a taxi booking app faster in your MVP.

III. Create Striking UI Design

Flutter gives the option of customizing the existing library of widgets to create features and stunning UI layouts. In this way, mobile app development companies have a lot of options to build their beautiful apps.

IV. Open-source

Flutter is an open-source SDK framework. This allows developers to customize the Framework – from widgets to animation.

V. Flutter supported by various IDEs

You can code in Flutter using IDE such as Android Studio, IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code. But most developers prefer using VS code as it is light-weight and versatile.

6. Develop your Taxi Booking App

To develop your taxi booking app faster and budget-friendly, you can customize from the pre-built taxi booking app, also known as the uber clone script, present in the market.

You can build the taxi booking app in 6 – 8 months depending upon the business requirements. The cost of development is also much lesser than the building a platform from scratch.

We have a pre-built on-demand platform – Uber clone, which has all the vital features to launch a full-time taxi booking service.

For more guidance on how to build your taxi booking app from our pre-built on-demand platform, visit our Uber clone page to know the features offered and the benefits that the solution brings.

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