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5 Ways Equipment Rental Script can Support your Marketplace Business

Equipment rental

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When you own an equipment rental business or be a middleman in the rental process, you know how important it is to keep track of the whole leasing process –  fixing a date of the rental to the date of return. If your business functions automated with a future-proof equipment rental script, it keeps track of all the processes and you can invest your time wisely in planning revenue strategies. 

Not just automating your business functions, our equipment rental script can help you in countless ways of your rental business. 

Here’s how it works: 


1. Manages all your bookings 

The equipment rental script handles all the booking processes automatically. This avoids the situation of double-booking by different clients. It is also an easy way to track previous clients of an equipment. 

As the owner of the business, you have the details on the status of the booking – whether got approved, completed or expired. Status of the booking gives the information whether a payment transaction made by the client, or refund is possible from your side.  

2. Easy tracking and auto-generation of invoices

You can auto-generate the invoices for each booking of equipment for your end customers. You can customize the equipment rental script to your business calculations and you can set the service fee and delivery charges in the dashboard of your preference. 

With each booking of equipment, you can track the payment amount and keep invoices for your record. 

3. Oversee your Inventory List

As a business owner, you can keep track of the equipment inventory with the help of the script. You can view the details of the real owner, their mailing addresses and their email ids. As an owner, you can keep the most rented equipment listing in the recommended section for new users.  

You can also edit the equipment listing information by yourself, or, if necessary, remove the equipment listing from the website.

4. Creates an Online Presence

When you set up an equipment marketplace website with the help of an equipment rental script, it creates an online presence with a stunning website or a mobile-friendly app. 

It’s a golden opportunity to unlock more customers by giving elaborate information of your business through a website or an app. 

If you decide to launch new offers or a new service in your rentals, the news travels faster when you provide/post them on your website or notify them through your mobile apps. 

You can also create more engagement posts and videos in social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to increase your followers and to brand your rental business. In this way, it converts your social media fans to your loyal customers by directing them to your business website. 

5. Accept any Online Payment

Opt for the equipment rental script having all payment options like a credit card, bank number, wallets like Stripe and PayPal. Users can book any equipment in advance and can pay for the booking online securely. 

Choose the equipment rental script compliant to Stripe SCA and hence it can provide secure transactions. Also, add Stripe Connect Onboarding which gives a secure online transaction for bank payment transactions. 

Wrapping up 

Managing a business becomes much simpler with the rise of technology. 

Talking about equipment rental script, RentALL, a ready-made and customizable rental script, helps business owners to build their equipment rental website and automate all the business operations. 

RentALL is easily customizable to fit the technical needs of your rental business to achieve your business goals. You can also build a website like Airbnb in a short time. 

If you are more than interested to know about RentALL, you can ping us at [email protected]

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