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5 Key Features of On-demand Taxi Booking Software

Taxi booking software

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When setting up an on-demand taxi booking software for your business, you would notice the price, app performance, and how engaging the user experience is, but you don’t have any idea on what kind of features you want to implement on your platform. 

This blog talks about the essential features that should be in your on-demand taxi booking software

Top 5 Necessary Features 

1. Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing is the concept of finding the shortest route from place A to Place B. As an Uber-like app involves reaching a place from A to B at the click of a button, the provider has to know the shortest distance and time to reach the destination. 

Dynamic routing helps the taxi riders in the marketplace to reach their destination faster at the lowest time. This feature in your on-demand taxi booking software helps to suggest different routes to the destination. 

2. Google Map Navigation

Can we imagine a day without Google? Google has made our lives easier in finding the locations and travel routes when you are in new city.  

Not everybody today is aware of all the routes in the city, maybe a few drivers or taxi owners. Google Map navigation helps every taxi driver in assisting to reach the destination by suggesting various road routes. Now, they don’t have to take a wrong turn. 

3. Payment Mode

End-users feel comfortable and trust in transactions if there are more options. Having multiple payout options such as cash payment, bank payment, wallets, or using payment gateway makes the customers feel easy to make quick transactions.

It is also one of the way to create a positive experience for customers to stay longer on the platform. 

4. Stripe 3D Secure

Even though online transactions are widely preferred in today’s generation, we still feel a pang of fear when it gets slow down during online transactions or any new window pops up out of the blue, though it is secure. 

To destroy and minimize these fears and worries, the European government has implemented SCA transactions for all online transactions. Stripe payment gateway has integrated 3D secure transactions for safe and secure payment. 

This makes your customers feel happy and secure to book your service. 

5. SOS Assistance

If your customers feel lost or in any danger, having an SOS assistance mitigate and reduce the risk of danger while travelling by using the platform. 

Users can share their trip’s current location and driver’s car number to their emergency contacts or call 911 for assistance. The end-user choose the emergency contact list while signing up in the app.  

Hope this blog was useful.

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