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Explore what’s new in Flutter V2.0: A complete review

Flutter V2.0

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As well all know, Flutter has released its latest version v2.0. This post will cover all the insights that you need to know regarding the features implemented in this latest version. Excited to know the features implemented in the latest release of Flutter v2.0?
  • Supporting multi-platforms
  • Stable web release
  • Implemented sound null safety
  • Scrollbar widgets
  • Google Ads
  • New iOS feature
  • Improved Dev tools
Let me explain to you in detail,

1. Supporting multiple-platforms:

Flutter now supports multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Web, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

2. Stable web application:

The Flutter V2.0 has now released the stable version of the web applications in this latest update. It aids in the creation of highly interactive web applications.

3. Sound null safety:

A major release in the Dart version is the Sound null safety feature. The errors can be easily identified during the process of development by implementing null checks. It helps developers to prevent null error crashes.

4. Scrollbar widgets:

Flutter updated the latest version with scrollbar widgets to provide interactive features in the desktop applications. It helps the developers to make use of the new scrollbar themes to customize as per their needs.

5. Flutter Devtools:

In this latest release, the Flutter community has changed the name of Devtools to FlutterDevtools. The new Devtools will enable AndroidStudio, IntelliJ, Visual studio code to check for exceptions and also help for debugging.

6. Google Ads:

Flutter released a beta version of Google mobile Advertising, which is a big update in this latest version. Along with the current overlay formats, it allows developers to add inline banners and native advertisements. Additionally, with the aid of Ad Manager and Admob, the advertisements can be easily personalized.

7. New iOS feature:

Flutter has been updated and improved in this latest version to improve consistency and efficiency. There are 178 iOS-related PRs out of 17,039. It allows you to construct an IPA from the command line without opening the Xcode.

Our products built with Flutter:

We used Flutter in two of our products namely Wooberly and WooberlyEats. Let’s begin with a short intro of Wooberly and WooberlyEats. Wooberly: Wooberly is a customizable readymade on-demand taxi booking script built with Flutter that helps startups/business owners to begin their taxi business like Uber within a short period. WooberlyEats: WooberlyEats is a readymade on-demand food delivery script that assists entrepreneurs to start their food delivery business at ease.

Reasons why we chose Flutter for our products:

1. Faster development:

When developing an app with Flutter, developers can code once and run it on both Android and iOS. As a result, it allows for the faster development of applications.

2. Inspect changes in real-time:

Flutter allows you to edit the code and see the changes in real-time. This is due to a feature known as Hot Reload. It helps you to make adjustments without reloading the entire program. It aids in the reduction of time and compilation time as well.

3. Reusability of code:

When it comes to cross-platform application development, it offers you a major benefit called reusability of code. The same code can be used for various platforms like Android and iOS and as a result, coding time is reduced.

4. Simple design to customize

It is simple to integrate animations and also easy to customize due to a wide range of widgets available in Flutter like Material design, Cupertino, etc. The availability of widgets contributes a better user experience.

5. Suitable for MVP:

It is a better fit for MVP apps due to the cross-platform and faster development process. Flutter achieves maximum outputs in minimal time and at a lower cost.


Hopefully, you got all the necessary insights regarding the latest release and benefits of using Flutter to build your products. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking forward to begin your on-demand business with Flutter, then get more support from us via mail or WhatsApp.

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