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How to increase on-demand app engagement?

increase on-demand app engagement

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User engagement is the focal point of launching an app in the Play Store or App Store. Developers concentrate on making the app viable for usage but the need lies in promoting the app – bringing in the users and then retaining them. This blog is mainly to emphasize points on how to increase on-demand app engagement. 

Statistics say that;

There are 85% of users who just operated between 5 non-native apps in the Play Store. Non- native apps are developed using one codebase for both Android and iOS devices. It could be beneficial on so many levels. 

The in-app customer retention rate can be increased by following these methods consistently.

Tips to increase on-demand app engagement:

These could be like a mini-guide book to market and increase the engagement of your on-demand mobile applications. Following this could help you achieve the engagement that you want for your product. 

1. Designing a focussed onboarding program:

When your users want to launch your app on their smart device for the first time, the onboarding process showcases your app’s benefits and also guides users to register on the app. This means you have one shot at impressing them with your app.  The first impression ensures customer retention and lifetime value for your app. Highlight your features and benefits. Though I would love to say that people look for benefits more than the features, it is quite not the situation. There are users who have the sound technical knowledge to understand the features and benefits, make the choice that is suitable for them. List of things to concentrate on regarding onboarding:
  • Having fewer steps to sign up for the app. It could increase the chances of app usage more than you could expect. 
  • Asking proper permission before accessing information in the user’s phone such as images, videos, location, etc. 
  • Highlighting the value proposition of the app in a form of a copy. ( Using Copywriting! )

2. Enhancing real-time support:

Being able to solve your customer’s problems in real-time, instantly is one of the major factors that’ll keep your customers with you.  There are leading market players like UpScope and Acquire who give out benefits like Collaborative Browsing (Co-browsing) and live chatting etc. And this has induced;
  • Enriching the chat experience: having a 24*7 tech support.
  • The support team collects and is aware of the user’s data.
  • Even with chatbots – the support shows relevance and ease of communication. 

3. In-App Push notifications:

When there is push notification for each and every action – not in an annoying way, but with legitimate user concerns. There is a high chance of people using the app for longer than expected. The engagement in the push notification can be measured with metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and user engagement.

4. Customized Offers:

Throwing offers based on seasonal and celebration patterns is cool. And it does work. But imagine customizing the offers, services, and support based on user’s usage, time on the app, first-time installer, etc.  It could make your users feel special. And it can also encourage them to recommend your app to their friends and other users who are interested in your app. 

5. Working on automated behavioral email:

The user engagement need not specifically revolve around in-app. You as an app developer can care more about your customer and extend your services outside the app too.  Like how you ask? Through Automated Behavioral Email. These are some of the things that you can do when it comes to emailing your users. 
  • One-off email: This kind of email is sent to trigger a response to a very specific event. For example, The users who are not using the app for XXX number of days and we miss them around. 
  • Announcement emails:  You can educate the users regarding any new updates or celebrate your new update by asking them to reinstall the app to use a new feature etc. 
  • Feedback form: You could take a survey once in a while about your app performance and ask for suggestions on how to improve the user experience etc.

Bonus Tip:

What would be a blog if there is no bonus tip, right? So here we are giving away an awesome tip for you to work on increasing your on-demand app engagement.

User-Generated Content: 

Yes! I said it. When you get your users to vouch for your app performance there is no one to stop your app downloads and growth! 

Getting your users to give you good ratings and reviews could be a bonus for you. And you can very well see people looking at your app!

These are some of the proven tips that will help you to increase your app engagement. Try it consistently and surely you won’t be disappointed with the results! Happy promoting! 

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