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How can online presence contribute to the growth of any business?

online business presence

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The concept of online business has been booming since the birth of e-commerce in 1991. From there the curve never seems to fall from its upward trend. People have got used to shopping or booking products/ services online for more than two decades and they never plan on stopping.

The market expansion is rapid and more crucial when it comes to any business online presence. Let’s get started on the importance, benefits of taking any business online, and what you could do to strengthen your business presence online!

What is Digitalization of Business?

Digitalization is the process of taking your traditional business model and converting it into an online platform. It helps in enhancing the operational efficiency, revenue generation of your business, and also it adds value to your business and customers. 

Role of Management in Digitized business:

  • It gives intuitive insights on market performance on the whole and also induces market awareness to the hierarchy of the management.
  • Collaboration amongst the different departments in the business could increase the idea generation for the betterment of the business performance. 
  • Cost-effective form of running the business.
  • Effectively achieving the business objectives, long and short-term goals.  

Role of IT in Digitized business:

  • Converting hard skills into soft skills will expand the knowledge of the employees. The advantage to do this is it increases the performance of the business. 
  • It is feasible to cater to the needs of the customers quickly and efficiently with the help of the full swinging IT department.
  • It serves as total transparency between the teams and also on the competitors’ performance.

What are the benefits of taking your business online?

  • Around the clock service to your customers:

The major benefit of running an online business is that you just have to concentrate on producing a product or service for your target customer and enhance your business’s online presence, it will reflect when your niche-based customers come looking for you. A cherry on top, your customer can reach out to you 24*7.

  • Concentrate on Customer relationship and satisfaction:

When you majorly split your operations, as the business owner you can concentrate more on providing the best post-sales service to your customer, it encourages your customers to invest their time and money in you for the long term. 

  • Efficient decision making:

Decision-making has been one of the major issues when it comes to running a business: online or offline. If your business is online, there is going to be a huge quantity of data and it could be used to narrow down your choices using analytics. You can form campaigns and market your business completely based on market study and results from the analytics.

  • Market Expansion:

Using traditional methods to run your business could decrease the chance for a business expansion. Having an online business can increase the chances of traveling on the road map quickly and effectively. And there are always more additions of milestones to the already laid out plans for your business through brand visibility and recognition. 

  • Flexibility:

Changing the core of your business is much harder than you think when it comes to traditional business operations, but when you are into an online business – it is sure to be highly flexible. The cost incurred to change the business model is quite low when compared to running a traditional business.

What are the tips to enhance your business through digital marketing? 

    • A Website:

Having a website is the online version of a brick-and-mortar business. It is mandatory to have a website and it could be the first thing that your customers will look for about your business. These are the few things to consider when you develop a website;

    • Your website must have an optimal level of content and image. 
    • There has to be any contact information to reach out to you.
    • A brief description of your product/ service range and other information that you would like to have on your website.
  • Social Media Presence:
It is important to have a social media presence and it is essential to leverage the maximum in generating leads and reaching out to your potential customers. You could use your social media content to provide product/ service knowledge to your target audience and engage with them using separate social media manager and management tools.
  • Run regular A/B testing:

You can always experiment with your social media, to show your audience that you take risks and try out new things to give the best possible product/ service to your customers. All this testing could be used as data for analytics purposes so that you give the product/ service that your customer needs. 

  • Start Video Marketing:

The attention span of the customers is decreasing rapidly – it is less than 3 seconds. There is the duty of your social media manager to recognize the most attractive form of content to reach out to your customers in the most effective way possible. Video marketing is one way to induce potential customers to definite buyers. Human beings are visually enhanced species, it is essential to use them to our advantage.

  • Influencer collaboration:

This tactic is on-trend now. Using an apt influencer to promote your online business is very crucial for reaching your audience. HubSpot says, “63% influencers have more hold over the customers than the brand” – this can be used to the advantage of your business. 

  • Optimizing website for mobile users:

Mobile users are rapidly increasing with the smartphones and 5G network coming into the market. Therefore, the desktop and laptop users are predominantly getting lesser. As 70% of the people use their smartphones to look into your website it is essential to keep the mobile users in mind before working on the website development and optimization. 

  • Content Marketing:

The target audience uses Reels and TikTok to express themselves extensively. Therefore, blogging and copywriting is underestimated. Buyers and users come into your website looking for a detailed explanation about your product/services. It is your responsibility to provide them with factual information before involving them in a purchase. Image format or textual format, it is important to educate your customers. 

How we could help you build a prospective online business?

When you want to take your business online or start an online business from scratch the points mentioned above could be your guide to achieve the plans you have for your business! 

To give you a heads up – online marketplace business performance is skyrocketing and end-customers are welcoming the whole renting and booking oriented businesses. This could be your golden ticket to win over customers!

We could help you with your online business marketplace. 

Introducing RentALL products, Airbnb clone, and Wooberly products, Uber clone a destination for your dream online business marketplace!

There are numerous business ideas to discover and kick start your online business plans!

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