Complete Guide To Taxi Booking App Development

Complete Guide To Taxi Booking App Development

If you are interested to start your own taxi business, this blog will provide you the complete guide in developing a taxi booking app development.

Mohamed Natheem
Mohamed Natheem

Won’t it be more convenient and enjoyable if the taxi arrives and picks you up in the place you are? Here come the taxi booking app development with just a single tap. It has become an emerging trend in today’s business world. It also helps you book a taxi from anywhere.

Are you one of the entrepreneurs interested to increase your customer base? Then you can start your own on-demand taxi booking applications to attract a huge audience and also gain profits.

This is the post where you get the complete guide in developing your own taxi booking app,

Let’s get start to know more about the development process, technology, and also cost of development.

How does a taxi booking app work?

Hence, the on-demand taxi booking apps act as a channel that connects both rider and driver. Let me explain to you in detail. The rider will first book a taxi via the app.

On the other end, through the on-demand taxi booking app, the driver will receive the booking request, and the driver will pick the rider from the given location and drop them in the exact location.

Riders will pay the ride total fare via card, cash, or wallet. After the completion of the ride, both rider and driver get notified via app regarding the ride details.

Why need a taxi booking app?

Taxi mobile apps are consider to be one of the most powerful and also helpful tools to attract a wider audience base. According to the statista, The user engaging in the taxi booking app is 19.3% in 2020 and expects to hit at a rate of 20.6% by 2024.

The revenue gaining is the US $192, 276m in 2020, and also expects to reach the US $365, 912m by 2024.

Here comes the set of benefits to start your own on-demand taxi booking business and also helps in boost the growth,

1. Customization

Every startup/entrepreneur expects that their app should be easily customizable. Hence developing your own taxi booking applications helps customize as per their business demand and requirement with the availability of source code.

2. Rapid services

With a taxi booking app lets your business sail at a quick pace. Through the taxi booking app, the user will be able to locate your nearby services. Thus automatically increasing the rapid growth.

3. Safe and Secure Payments

The payment option in the taxi booking app is more transparent than you think. It provides hassle-free payment options for both providers and consumers that might be safe and also secure.

4. Live tracking

In every taxi booking app, there will be a feature known as live tracking where you can track all your bookings happening on your device itself.

5. Budget-Friendly

Every entrepreneur/startups choice is to buy an app that is affordable to them. Hence, it suits their financial constraints and also budget-friendly.

Development process of taxi booking applications

1. Requirement analysis

The first and foremost step in developing a taxi booking application is the complete analysis of basic requirements. It is the most important process before proceeding to the next step.

The process of gathering requirements includes mainly four stages of eliciting requirements, analysis of requirements, modeling of requirements, and reviewing the requirements.

Proper gathering of requirements helps meet the needs and also expectations of the customer. The advantages of requirement analysis help increase the speed of the application delivery and also provide satisfaction to the customer.

2. Design

Once the process of gathering requirements completes, its time for the next process. The next set of processes is designing. This design depends according to the gathering of requirements.

It plays a major role in the success of on-demand taxi booking applications. The user will get attracted by the design and also allows the users to stay longer.

The benefits of designing the application are to provide an attractive look and feel with a seamless and also experience.

3. Development

The actual start of developing the application starts here. The most integral process of developing applications starts here. Hence developing the applications starts with the process of coding based on the design.

The coding is required for three parts mainly Front end, back end, and APIs. But before starting the process of development, here comes the main part.

  • Defining the technical architecture
  • Choosing the right tech stack
  • Estimating the development milestones
  • Once the process of development is over, the applications will be ready for quality assurance.

4. Testing

After the completion of development, the next main process is testing. The main purpose of testing is to find bugs and also helps developers to resolve the bugs in each and every stage of development.

The process of testing includes unit testing, smoke testing, functionality testing, performance testing, security testing, and so on. Hence it provides the applications with quality assurance, bug-free applications and also makes the applications more stable, and also secure.

After the testing is completed, then the applications will be ready for the launch.

5. Launching

Once the applications pass without any issues through all the stages in the process of developing the applications, then it is ready for the launch. Launch the application with full support and maintenance.

Technology for taxi booking applications

Implementing features and functionalities alone will be of no use without using the advanced technologies in taxi booking app development.

Technology plays a vital role and helps speed up your development process as well as reduces development costs and time.

The perfect technology to build a taxi booking application is Flutter, which has the power to reduce the development cost as well as time using a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms.

Why Flutter for developing taxi booking applications?

  • Single codebase
  • Rapid development
  • Attractive UI
  • Perfect for MVP
  • Test in a day
  • Cost-effective

Cost of development of taxi booking applications

Are you confused about the exact cost of the development of taxi booking applications? Let me clear all your confusions,

Instead of developing an app from scratch, there is another option to build your business that is via ready-made solutions. The readymade applications are consists of all the necessary features and functionalities that can help you to satisfy the customer demands and also expectations.

Hence the cost of customizing readymade solutions is quite affordable and thus provides better user experience and also reduces development time as well.

While tracking the cost of development, it involves major decisive factors mainly the requirements, design based on customizations, types of platforms – iOS and Android, and if any extra features or functionalities are added.

Hence the cost of developing from readymade solutions is quite affordable and no hidden fee included. Thus, in turn, provides better user experience and also reduces development time as well.

Readymade solutions for your taxi booking applications

Are you in search of a readymade solution for your taxi booking applications? Here come the best solution to take your on demand taxi booking business to next level with our Uber clone script.

It is the readymade solution that helps entrepreneurs in launching their own taxi booking business with 100% customization, latest technology, easy scalability, and take you to the target market within a short span of time.

We believe our Uber clone solution has a unique standard considering its features and functionalities. Below listed are a few - have your eye on those.

Those unique features

1. SOS assistance

Riders can get help with SOS assistance in case of any emergency. The riders can share their trip’s current location and driver’s car number to their emergency contacts or call 911 for assistance. It is mainly for a safe ride for the riders.

2. Stripe 3D secure

Our Taxi booking solution supports stripe SCA with 3D secure authentication for safe and secure transactions. 3D secure is mainly used to verify the credit and debit card during online transactions. After entering the card details to make a payment and get redirect to the new pop up window immediately for an authentication.

3. Multi-language

Both rider and driver have the ability to switch over to any language based on preferences including English, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, French, and also Russian. It helps in providing all the information and notifications in the preferred languages for both driver and rider.

4. Coupon code

Coupon code is a way of offering discounts or offers to certain rides. Thus, riders have the option to add coupon code to their ride. It helps the riders to save money by applying the coupon code.

5. Cancellation reason

Our Uber clone provides the option to cancel the ride for both rider and driver before commencing the ride. Both rider and driver has to select the valid cancellation reasons from the list of reasons given below. If the reason is out of the box, then the driver and rider have the option to type manually to fill their valid reason.

How our solution differs?

Our Uber clone provides high-class quality products with 100% support to provide better assistance. Let me show you the benefits.

1. Fully customizable

It provides you with a 100% source code that helps you to attract your customers by customising according to your needs and requirements.

2. Free server installation

We install API on your server within the short interval of time, once the purchase is completed.

3. Free app submission

The app will be submitted at free of cost on both the Google play store and the iOS app store

4. Full Support after app rejection

If your app gets rejected after the submission into the App Store and Play Store, our team of experts will give a hand to you and ensures a successful relaunch.

Ready to develop up your own taxi booking applications, get support from us at [email protected]

Have doubts regarding development?

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