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React JS

React is a JavaScript library from Facebook to build interactive user interfaces with single code base.


It’s an object oriented client side scripting language that commonly used to build interactive parts of a web applications


A front-end framework to build responsive websites that makes the website adapt on any size of the screen.

react native

React Native is a one of the hot Javascript library to build Native iOS & Android mobile application with single code base.

Node Js

Node js is built on Google Chrome’s V8 engine that is mainly used for real time applications like chat, IoT apps.

css 3

CSS 3 is a latest version of Cascading Style Sheets which extends the features of CSS 2 and packed with most amazing new features


GraphQL is an application layer query language from Facebook to handle data between client & server.


MySQL is a open-source database that comes with High performance, Scalability and Flexibility. It is used on the web and runs on a server

html 5

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML to solve compatibility issues in HTML4 and that lets you do things that were previously impossible

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