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TaskRabbit clone is a ready-made app designed to mimic the features and functionality of TaskRabbit. The entrepreneurs who have exposure in the Handyman industry were more used to the name called 'TaskRabbit'. In short, the solution helps entrepreneurs quickly launch their app live for the user.

On-demand apps are the big talk for now. So, to help with the entrepreneur's journey, we well crafted the TaskRabbit clone app that helps to run a business effectively. Then how?

The TaskRabbit clone comes with a user app, a service provider app, and an admin panel. Each app and panel are integrated with features that smooth the entire workflow. If you are looking to revamp your traditional Handyman business, then the Taskrabbit clone is a perfect choice for you.

TaskRabbit clone

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Cost-effective solution

Cost-effective solution

100% customizable

100% customization

Build with Flutter

Build with Flutter

White label solution

White label solution

Offers a quick launch

Offers a quick launch

Technical support

Technical support

How TaskRabbit clone impacts your Handyman business?

Build your brand online

Digitize your Handyman business

You can completely rebuild your Handyman business. The platform enables users and service providers to connect to perform their daily tasks. Plus, you can easily transform your business from traditional to digital.
Improve customer retention rate

Cost-effective solution

Your budget is no more your burden. Comparing custom app development, the readymade Handyman solution is cost-effective and can be built within your strict budget.
Secure online transaction


Here you get freedom over your app customization. Our team assists you in customizing your app that satisfies the current market trends and user demands. Therefore, it’s 100% customizable.
Effective & improved taxi scheduling

Highly scalable

Our solution helps to scale your business as it reaches its new height. It is designed to handle a large sum of users on the platform.
Highly scalable

Improved user experience

The Handyman app engages users and service providers with a smooth working process. From start to end, the users are well-assisted to lead the further process. Thus, it enhances the user experience.
Keep track of earnings

Monitor the entire process

With the single admin panel, the admin gets an eagle-eye view of monitoring every process done through the app. So, the admin can plan further business processes accordingly.

How TaskRabbit clone function for customers and service providers?


Customers register into the app by entering their mobile number, which gets verified. They then enter their first name, last name, email, and location. The app displays a list of popular service categories on its home page, allowing customers to either select a service or search for it using the search bar. And customers are given an estimate for the service they have chosen. Finally, the app links the customer to the appropriate service provider.


Service provider

When a customer places a job request, nearby service providers receive a notification with a 30-second timer and job details. The service provider accepts and gets directed to the customer location page, where they have the option to cancel the job. Before proceeding, the service provider reviews the job details. After completing the service, the service provider clicks the 'Start Work' button and then swipes the 'Complete Job' button.

Service provider

Payment process

The customer can choose the options of cash, wallet, and credit/debit card to proceed with their payment process. And the service provider gets their earnings directly deposited into their bank account.

Payment process

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Our approach to developing your TaskRabbit clone app

Right away, we followed the milestone concept in our development process. To explain it clearly, we assigned each task to a specific milestone and sought to complete each milestone in an exact time frame.

  • Tick markDiscuss - Initially, we comprehend your business goal and intently listen to your requirements that need to be done.
  • Tick mark Development - After that, we will start customizing your app that matches your business requirements.
  • Tick markTesting - Our diligent testing team guarantees a bug-free experience by thoroughly examining your app.
  • Tick markLaunch - Launch - Finally, we took complete care of launching your app and making it available for your users.
Uber clone app development

Power-packed features for the customers and service provider

Pick-up/drop location

Payment option

The customer has the convenience of choosing their preferred payment option like cash, wallet, or debit/credit card.

Payment option

Multiple languages

Customers are presented with multiple languages before them, and they can choose whatever language they want to proceed with.

Currency and language

Search tab

The search tab allows customers to search for any service that is available on the platform. It may include plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, and much more to go.

The impeccable features to manage the TaskRabbit clone effectively

Site settings

The admin has the option to change the site information. Like its logo, logo width & height, site name, site title, meta keywords, meta description, social media URLs, and favicons.

Driver & Rider Management
TaskRabbit clone solution

TaskRabbit clone - Perfect apt for your Handyman business!

Our team has carefully crafted a TaskRabbit clone script that caters to the needs of customers, service providers, and admin. We have included the finest features to enhance the overall user experience for all parties involved.

The administrator has complete control over all operations and can scale their business as needed. The UI and UX are simple and elegant, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for customers and service providers.

We also understand the importance of customization in today's market, which is why our solution offers 100% source code and the freedom to customize to any extent. Entrepreneurs can launch their Handyman service platform effortlessly with our script, saving time and resources.

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Tech stack of your taxi booking app

The technology we mastered!

We believe that technology is the backbone of app development. So, we strive to stay ahead of the curve to provide our clients with the best possible solution. That's why we have put significant effort while developing a TaskRabbit clone that incorporates the latest tools and technologies.

Of key importance, we used the latest Flutter technology in developing the TaskRabbit clone. The single code feature enables developers to use the same code for Android and iOS. Thus, it reduces the hefty amount of time and cost of development.

Besides Flutter, our team integrated Google Maps and the Flutter location plugin to ensure accurate location tracking, routing, and live tracking. In addition, we have utilized GraphQL technology to develop our APIs for lightning-fast performance. Also, we integrated Firebase for handling push notifications, analytics, and crash reporting.

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Free server installation

Support after app rejection


Free app submission

Free app submission


Free server installation

Free server installation


Non-disclosure agreement

Non-disclosure agreements


On-time delivery

On-time delivery


Experienced developers

Experienced developers


Check out how the apps and admin panel work!

Customer app

Know more about the customer app with a demo

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Service provider app

Explore the service provider app with a free demo

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Admin panel demo

Admin panel

Want to know how the admin panel works?

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TaskRabbit clone can
be customized to

Uber clone customization

Laundry app

The TaskRabbit clone can be customized into a laundry service app, with the ability to make the necessary modifications quickly.

Tutor app

With the TaskRabbit clone app, we can tailor the script to meet the requirements of your Tutor app. Thus, it completely digitizes your tutor business.

Tow truck service app

Develop an app that helps your customer to connect with tow truckers. We can additionally combine new features that assist your users fitly.

What is the benefit of 100% source code?

what benefit Image


The benefit of having 100% source code enables the ability to fully customize the design and functionality of the app to fit your preferences.


With the purchase of the TaskRabbit clone script, you gain ownership of the code without any additional costs or licensing fees, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are the sole owner of the code.


The app can adapt and grow as the business expands, allowing the integration of new features that align with current trends to ensure scalability.


The ownership of the source code grants you full control over the entire development and deployment process of the app.

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