The best marketing strategy helps businesses to grasp the audience's ATTENTION - the first impression. And the rest, your products/service do.

Beyond delivering worthy products/services, some things need to push the audience to look, admire, and have the urge to checkout.

Overall, it helps you to create awareness among consumers, and more importantly, it enables you to reach the right audience (Handyman and customers) to your app.

Let's place ourselves in the customer's place, how the brand triggered us in the first place, the impression it creates, and what if we transform into a satisfied customer. It's the best feeling that brands can give.

For that, marketing is the key to pedaling the journey.

Here in this blog, we will see the proven marketing strategies that work for your Handyman business. And you don't need to worry about better ROI.

Let's explore!

How it impacts your Handyman business?

Reaching new customers: Marketing helps you to entice your user to the Handyman app. Initially, it creates an impression, and if the user likes what your business stands for, they can even opt for your service.

Brand awareness: Effective marketing helps to build brand awareness, meaning your brand and offers widespread to the users. It makes you stay ahead in the crowded market.

Establishing credibility: Make your Handyman business credible by showing ratings & reviews, the skilled Handyman you had in your platform, and the user satisfaction you previously delivered.

If you're not getting what I am trying to convey here, no worries, I will break into each section on how to plan a marketing strategy that returns a better ROI.

Let’s start!

Target audience

Knowing your target audience is critical for any business. It gives an overview of who your audience might be.

Reaching the right people at the right place - what you can ask more from leveraging marketing strategy?

Without identifying them, what are you going to do? It can be the best way to start, though you can use social channels and real-time surveys to determine your customers.

Then what would you get out of it?

⭐ Needs and desires of your customer.
⭐ The problem they're facing.
⭐ Do your competitors mitigate the problems?
⭐ Buyer persona.


There are 2 billion websites on the internet.

We all know that the evolution of the internet makes us shift online. It's so comfortable to purchase stuff online rather than visit a physical store.

It's the same with your Handyman service, the website automates the entire process of scheduling a service to the payout process.

Furthermore, your website acts as the face of your brand, assisting you in witnessing organic traffic and running ad campaigns.

Google my business account

Google business profile is a tool for businesses that makes it effortless for business owners to manage their user's information.

Users can find your business on Google Maps, in reviews, and through search results.

Moreover, Google enables the business to advertise on its platforms and generates leads. It finetunes your marketing strategy just by targeting the right.

Google Analytics monitors your entire website performance. Then, Google Workspace encompasses a set of productivity ecosystems such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more. It makes all your painstaking job easier for you.

These all help collaboration become easier for you and your users.

If you need a step-by-step guide on setting up a Google my business account, this will help you ⬇️

Google reviews

93% of the users have made a purchase by seeing online reviews.

Online reviews have an equal impact compared to word of mouth, one happens online, and the other is done person-to-person. However, both are equally important and indulge more triggering rates.

A positive review can even build trustworthiness among your users.

In case your prospects are looking for the Handyman service, they can analyze your rating whether you're meeting their expectations or not.

Well, positive Google reviews have an overall impact on your conversion rate for your Handyman business.

SEO - Search engine optimization

We have already discussed how a website can help businesses; now, look at how SEO can impact your Handyman business growth.

Simply put, SEO is about optimizing your website to Google bots and your users. By doing so you will get better engagements and higher rankings.

If you feel that doing SEO is not my piece of the cake, you can hire SEO professionals or an agency.

Or, this website is the best place to start your SEO learning.

Google ads

More than 80% of global businesses trust Google Ads for PPC campaigns. Google Ads is a paid way to reach more users.

It is a paid way of reaching users, allowing marketers to target specific interests, demographics, and locations and ensuring to reach the right people.

If you rush for quick results or are frustrated with your SEO efforts, it would be the best way.

However, avoid making mistakes in targeting irrelevant users. Be specific about the right audience, whether it's a service provider or users. In return, it will do good for your ROI.

Logo & cards

However, you can’t rely only on digital advertisements. If you're clueless about what to do further, you can approach the customers with cards.

All you need is a card with a sales representative. Additionally, you will directly interact with your ideal customers, while you can ask them for their suggestions and opinions.

Eventually, this helps to plan your operation on how to do better.


Every business is in a trap to attract customers. People are evolving, and for business: we need to grasp the moment of our customers.

It's tough!

Offers are the best way that helps businesses to onboard new customers. For instance, by giving offers, you can have people's attention to your Handyman service.

Initially, onboarding customers is a time-consuming and costly process at first. However, unique offers can set you apart from your competitors.

Most businesses have to come across from their cash burn.

Best customer support

Be there whenever your customers need your help.

Ensures you are responsive to your customer's queries like 93% of the users have made their purchasing decision by seeing the online reviews.

Online reviews have an equal impact compared to word of mouth, and a positive review can even impact your search rankings and build trustworthiness among your users. Phone calls, and messages to keep the customer informed throughout the process.

Like if they have any questions or problems with your Handyman service, offering a quick response to your customer would make them feel like you're responsive.

Act like a professional and offer 24*7 support to them.

Personalized advertising

Consumers don't enjoy advertisements, whether it's a Youtube ad or television ad; it's just frustrating to watch (where's the skip ad button).

However, personalized advertising can do better for your Handyman marketing strategy.

Digital ad spending and competition among businesses continue to rise. So, consumers prefer ads that are relevant to their needs and interest.

Personalized advertisement has better engagement compared to non-personalized, but it is possible with the digital platform.

Earlier, we discussed some channels to leverage.

Value proposition

Forget about personalized advertisements!

We got a value proposition to build a long-term customer relationship.

A value proposition is a statement that represents how the offers benefit the customers. To put it simply, it demonstrates the value that a company provides to the community.

It can act as the best marketing strategy for your Handyman business. Therefore it builds credibility and differentiates your business from competitors.

Here are some examples:

  • Give quick and reliable service
  • Assist your users with skilled Handyman
  • Affordable pricing
  • Satisfy your customer
  • Serve them with the web or an app

If you're clueless about developing a Handyman app, this will help you.

End note

I hope this article delivers what you're looking for. It may be cliche to say that marketing is everything, whether you're an entrepreneur or a marketer.

By crafting a compelling message that interacts with your audience directly, you can make yourself lighten among the dark and portray your brand before your target audience.

It is how you let people know you have something special.

Yup, marketing is the only key for that lock.