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Transform your space rental business from traditional methods to a digital platform with our space rental script.

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Introducing ourSpace Rental Script

Our space rental script is a pre-built app that lets you quickly launch your space rental platform. It facilitates smooth collaboration between space owners and guests. As an admin, you get a dedicated admin panel for efficient business management and monetization.

With our pre-built solution, you can expect a quick launch, and the best part is that we help launch your app on both the App Store and Play Store at no extra cost.

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Witness our app and admin panel

Web panel
Web panel
Admin panel
Admin panel

Guest and Host

In our space rental script, we have a multi-language feature that enables the guests to select their preferred language.
The guests can choose their preferred currency from a list of available options - this will reflect on the entire app.
Search filterarrowIcon
Our space rental script encompasses a robust search filter that allows guests to find space by location and activity.
Guests can view upcoming and previous bookings, including status such as approved, canceled, completed, and expired booking.
The wishlist feature allows guests to save their favorite spaces for future reference. They can view this through a "saved" section.
Our space rental script comes with a multiple-language feature for the host to choose their preferred language.
The host can view completed and pending listings, as well as, add new, unpublish existing listings, or delete them when necessary.
Using the calendar section, the host can edit any date to make it available and blocked for the guest.
In-app messagingarrowIcon
The host can directly interact with the guest by heading over to the inbox section. They can further discuss related to the bookings.
The host can add multiple payout accounts and designate one as default to receive earnings from admin.

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Admin features

Everything you need for better management

Site settings

Site settings

The admin can change certain aspects, including the logo, social links, favicon, site name, title, description, meta description, and more.

Listing management

Listing management

The admin can dive into the specific details of the listing. Moreover, the admin can edit, view, and even delete the listing from the platform.

Manage reservation

Manage reservation

The reservation management section displays all the reservation details, such as ID, status, listing details, sub-total, refund status, and more.

Payout management

Payout management

It allows the admin to handle the payout effectively. It includes viewing payout details and managing the option to hold payouts.

Fare arrangement

Fare arrangement

The admin can set service fees for guests and hosts using fixed or percentage-based methods. Additionally, they can set a base currency.

Manage review

Manage review

Using the admin panel in our space rental script, the admin can edit or delete the 'review & ratings' from the platform.

Currency management

Currency management

The admin can enable or disable specific currency, set a base one, and add or remove any currency from the platform as needed.

Manage activity type

Manage activity type

The admin can add a new space type that describes the type of the space. Additionally, they can enable/disable the space.

Some standard features of space rental script

Message NotificationMessage Notification

Message Notification

Transaction HistoryTransaction History

Transaction History

Stripe SCAStripe SCA

Stripe SCA

Manage ReservationManage Reservation

Manage Reservation

Advanced Internal Messaging SystemAdvanced Internal Messaging System

Advanced Internal Messaging System

Popular Location ManagementPopular Location Management

Popular Location Management

Export Data from the Admin PanelExport Data from the Admin Panel

Export Data from the Admin Panel

Instant Book and Request to Book Instant Book and Request to Book

Instant Book and Request to Book


Choose the best plan

Startup Pro
  • Single domain license
  • Tech support for 3 months
  • Free update for 6 months
Advanced Pro
  • Multi-domain license
  • Tech support for 6 months
  • Unlimited updates
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Get the complete workflow, features, and technology used in our space rental script.


How does our process look?



Our team will contact you once you request a demo.



After the purchase, we'll customize it as you wish.



Your space rental solution now goes through rigorous testing.



Finally, we’ll make the space rental app available to users.

Built with the latest technologies

We know the profound impact of using the right tool in app development, and that's how we managed to come up with the best space rental script.

Built with the latest technologies

Go live even faster

Free app submission

Get your space rental script available on Android and iOS platforms. For that, we charge you nothing.


Free server installation

We install the complete script on your server at no additional cost and keep you updated on the process.


Support after app rejection

What if your app gets rejected on the App Store and Play Store? No worries; we are on your side.


Free white labeling

Following the purchase of our space rental script, we'll offer free white labeling services, such as changing the theme color, font, logo, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have doubts regarding our product? This FAQ is present to bash all your queries and doubts.

What is a space rental script?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

Space rental script is a pre-developed app solution that helps business launch their space rental booking app.

Despite its pre-built functionality, it is cost-effective and offers a quick launch.

Cost of the space rental script?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

The cost of a space rental script comes between $3,000 - $8,000. It differs based on the providers you're purchasing the script from.

How does the space rental script work?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

A space rental script acts as a platform connecting space owners with renters. Owners list their spaces with details, and renters browse and book based on their needs.

Furthermore, the admin can manage and monitor their space rental business through the admin panel.

What is 100% source code?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

There is no encrypted file in the copy of your Space rental script. It gives you full freedom to customize it for your needs

What do Unlimited updates include?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

We will keep on adding new features, improvising existing features, and fixing bugs if any.

Whenever we release a new version, we can share the updated source code files if you are eligible to get unlimited updates.

Even though updates are free, there will be additional charges for website reinstallation, mobile app reinstallation, and resubmission.

How to apply the product updates to the customized version of your project?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

If there aren’t any custom changes made then we can simply replace the files from the new version.

However, if there are any custom changes done by us, then we will need to compare the code and apply the changes using tools like Beyond Compare.

Updates are free. However, if we have to compare and apply the updates, then we may charge you for the hours that we need to spend on applying the update.

Please get in touch with our team for more details.

If the custom changes are done by you/your team, we can only provide the updated source code files as we will not be able to provide support on the tampered source code files.

Can I still get updates after my tech support package expires?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

Yes, you can get the update based on the package that you purchased.

What should I do after my tech support package expires?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

You can hire our team on-demand and get in touch with our team for more details.

When will the free technical support period start?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

The free technical support period will start from the date of purchase

What is included in the tech support?accordionArrowaccordionArrow
  • Help you with text changes
  • Help you with color changes
  • Help you with the static content translation (for maximum 3 languages and 2 iterations for each language)
  • Clarify your questions
  • Bug fixing (If it’s critical, we will give you a time frame to fix it. Otherwise, we will include the fixes in our updates)
What is not included in the tech support?accordionArrowaccordionArrow
  • Issues in your local machine installation
  • Reinstallation of the script
  • Issues in Git due to not following the instruction
  • Issues in modified code or if customization done by you/your team
  • Any custom changes which would need additional development efforts
How can you contact our technical support team?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

After the purchase, you can connect with our technical support team via email only.

They will not be available for calls.

What's the response time of our technical support team?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

Our tech support team will respond to all your queries via email based on the queue.

It would take around 24 to 48 hours for our support team to respond during business days, based on the queue.

Is the Space rental script customizable for my end?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

Space rental script is a base platform that is 100% customizable to build any type of Sharing Economy Platform.

However, we can't provide technical support once the source code files are tampered with. (After the modification of the source code from your side).

What is the difference between a single-domain and a multi-domain license?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

A single-domain license can be used for only one business in a single domain. For example:

Multi-domain licenses can be used for any number of businesses on multiple domains. For example, etc.

What is free installation?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

After the purchase, we will set up the script one time on your hosting server without any additional cost. You may need to pay for additional installations.

What is the recommended hosting?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

We highly recommend AWS & DigitalOcean and also it will work fine on any Ubuntu-based hosting servers.

Here is the minimum server requirement,

  • Operating System - Ubuntu 22.04
  • Storage - 50GB (Should be expandable)
  • RAM - 4GB (Should be expandable)
  • SSH with root user access

Note: The server should be plain.

The server should not have any configurations like Apache, any Database, etc.

We need just a fresh installation of Ubuntu 22.04.

What is free SSL Installation?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

We can proceed with Let's Encrypt SSL (Let's Encrypt is a free, automated renewal, and open certificate authority).

If you wish to install another SSL provider, there will be an additional charge per SSL installation.

What are all included in the Free Rebranding?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

For Website:

  • Web application theme color and font changes
  • Web application favicon changes
  • Google login integration

For mobile apps:

  • App package name / Bundle ID changes
  • App name changes
  • App icon changes
  • App theme color changes
  • Firebase Crashlytic and FCM integration
  • Google login configuration
What is Static and Dynamic content translation?accordionArrowaccordionArrow

Static contents are rendered from the static language files in the web and mobile apps.

The Dynamic contents are the inputs provided by the users/admin which are stored in the database (For example Space name, description, etc).

Free tech support covers the static content translation for a maximum of 3 languages(2 iterations for each language).

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