Uber clone - Digitize your Taxi business with us!

Uber clone - The one-stop solution to your Taxi business!

Uber clone is a readymade solution that works exactly like the Uber app. And it is often used by entrepreneurs to launch their Ridesharing businesses within a quick timeframe. Additionally, we help entrepreneurs to launch their apps live for users.

With this cost-effective solution, we provide you with 100% app customization and 100% source code with a single purchase.

So, what's the big deal about our Uber clone? The admin can supervise and organize each operation. All the features integrated with this app assist admins in effectively managing their business operations.

Uber clone app for your business

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How our Uber clone script
distinguishes the rest?

100% source code

100% source code

100% customizable

Cost-effective solution

Technical support

Send real-time push notifications

RTL support

Tech support after your launch

One-time fee

Served more than 400+ entrepreneurs

White label solution

Built with Flutter

How Uber clone script impact your Taxi business?

Build your brand online

Build your online presence

In today's world, it's essential to serve your user with an app. So, to digitize your taxi business, the Uber clone app helps to launch your taxi booking app swiftly.
Improve customer retention rate

Improves customer retention rate

As data reveals, retaining users is less expensive than acquiring new ones. Thus, the smooth booking process and real-time tracking of users refine the customer retention rate.
Secure online transaction

Highly scalable

Uber clone app is scalable as the business evolves. We can integrate new features into this app that matches the present trend of the market.
Effective & improved taxi scheduling

Track the revenue

The dashboard allows the admin to track earnings based on daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
Highly scalable

Real-time push notifications

The admin can send a notification to both riders and drivers at the same time.
Keep track of earnings

Monitor the entire operation

With the robust admin panel, the admin can monitor the entire operation of the business. And can smoothly plan further business efforts accordingly.

How Uber clone works for driver and rider?


The rider registered into the app using a mobile number. Then, the rider chooses the pick-up, and drop-off address, and their preferred vehicle category. And the GPS tracks the driver's location, then what? Finally, the rider can rate the experience after the fulfillment of the ride.



The driver registered into the app using a mobile number. Then, they had to submit legal documents for verification and choose the payout account. The drivers are given the option of either accepting or declining the ride. They can see the pick-up and drop locations. Finally, the driver can rate the rider.


Payment process

The rider can pay for the ride using cash, wallet, or credit/debit card. Likewise, the driver receives their payout to their default payout account.

Payment process

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Our approach while developing the Uber clone

Currently, our development process is based on the milestone concept. We assigned each task to a particular milestone. And try to achieve it at the given time.

  • Tick markDiscuss - At the start, we try to know your business ideas and requirements.
  • Tick mark Development - And we work on the process of customizing your Uber clone app.
  • Tick markTesting - Our testing team works on testing the app with various methods and techniques.
  • Tick markLaunch - Finally, we took complete care of launching your app.
Uber clone app development

Features of the Rider and Driver in the Uber clone app

Pick-up/drop location

Pick-up/drop location

Here the rider can manually enter the pick-up and drop-off location in the search bar. Alternatively, they can use the map to set the location.

Payment option

Payment option

The rider can select their convenient mode of paying the driver. It can be cash, wallet, and debit/credit card.

Currency and language

Currency and language

The platform allows users to choose various currencies and languages. It helps them to choose what they are more used to it.

Features that help to manage your Taxi business effectively

Admin dashboard

The dashboard in the admin panel displays the number of riders, drivers, bookings that happened, and the total earnings of the admin. Additionally, the admin can view each per day, per week, and per month report from each category in the dashboard.

Driver & Rider Management
Uber clone solution

A wholesome Uber clone solution for entrepreneurs

Our team meticulously designed the Uber clone script to meet the demand of drivers, riders, and an admin. And we make no compromises while developing the Uber clone. Therefore, we integrated on-demand features to assist the users and the admin fitly.

While talking about the features, the admin can monitor every operation and can scale their business to any level. The simple and elegant UI & UX gives a sublime user experience for riders and drivers. Subsequently, it helps users to engage with the app.

Finally, our taxi app solution offers 100% source and freedom for customization to any extent. Moreover, it assists the entrepreneur in launching their app swiftly.

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Tech stack of your taxi booking app

The technology we used!

Technology is the backbone of app development. So, we relentlessly worked with the latest technology to develop the Uber clone script. And we have integrated various tools to enhance a smooth workflow.

Specially, we build our Uber clone app with the latest Flutter technology. So, what is special about it? The single code base feature in Flutter allows developers to use the same code for Android and iOS. Thus, it reduces the overall cost and time of the development.

Asides from the Flutter, we used GraphQL routing to improve API performance. Also have embedded Google Maps and the Flutter location plugin to find users' current locations, routings, and live tracking. We have used Firebase to manage push notifications, analytics, and crash reporting.

We support you throughout the journey

Free server installation

Support after app rejection


Free app submission

Free app submission


Free server installation

Free server installation


Non-disclosure agreement

Non-disclosure agreements


On-time delivery

On-time delivery


Experienced developers

Experienced developers


Check out how the apps and admin panel work!

Rider app

Know more about the rider app with the demo

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Driver app

Explore the driver app with a free demo

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Admin panel demo

Admin panel

Want to know how the admin panel works?

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Uber clone can be
customized to

Uber clone customization

Courier delivery app

Our Uber clone script can be customized to a courier delivery app. All this can be done within a quick time frame.

Handyman service app

With the uber clone app, we can tailor the script to meet the demand of your Handyman business. Thus, it digitized your Handyman business.

Tow truck service app

Develop an app that helps your customer to connect with tow truckers. We can additionally combine new features that assist your users fitly.

What is the benefit of 100% source code?


With the 100% source code, you have complete control over the design and functionality of the app. To your preference, you can customize the additional functionality up to your means.


After the purchase of the Uber clone script, you are the sole owner of the code outright, so you don’t need to worry about licensing fees or other costs.


The app is scalable as the business matures and can integrate new features that match the current trends.


You have complete control over the development to deployment of the app.

Let’s start the development of your Uber clone app!

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