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Wooberly - A New Age Uber app clone script

Wooberly – A sleekly designed on-demand uber clone application that can be customizable for startups. We have enhanced the app with pre-requested features to go to the market. Wooberly consists of all the necessary features that an on-demand business requires to operate.

Grab the attention in the market using our splendid best-in-class uber clone app which is built using the latest cutting-edge technology Flutter.

How to start your journey with Wooberly – Uber Clone app?

Get ready to start your on-demand taxi booking business with Wooberly – Uber Clone App within a quick span of time.

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Why Flutter for Wooberly – Uber clone?

Flutter – The Future of Native Mobile Apps

Flutter is an open-source UI development kit created by Google to build iOS, Android, and also Web applications using a single codebase.

Google created Dart language and as well as Flutter and is constantly updating its framework to be the ultimate solution to create cross-platform apps.  

Flutter helps building astonishing native mobile apps in a quick span of time as we don’t need to build the same feature twice. It reduces redundancy of code, saves development time and budget-friendly too.

The best part is, you can develop your apps for both iOS and Android with the help of a single developer.  

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Uber Clone App Single code base

Single codebase

Flutter uses the same Codebase for both iOS and Android. It helps to launch your mobile apps on both platforms at the same time. It also enables you to build new features once and add it to both iOS and Android apps.

Uber clone App Elevating Performance

Elevating performance

Flutter’s performance is just like the speed of light and the user experience is as smooth as butter. It enables developers to create UI screens that can constantly render in 60fps.
Uber Clone App UI

WoW - User Interface

Flutter comes with a rich catalog of UI widgets that provides more flexibility to customize and also bring out the best user experience.
Uber Clone App MVP

The perfect solution for MVP

An MVP is suppose to launch your idea into the market as quickly as possible, reduce development efforts, and also be budget-friendly. Surprisingly, Wooberly is the best choice to build your very own MVP to fulfill your entrepreneur dream.
Uber Clone App Rapid Development

Rapid development

Hot-Reload is the smoking hot feature in Flutter. You do not have to generate a fresh new build for just a small tweak. Above all, Hot-Reload just runs side by side while you are making the change that saves you a lot of development time.
Uber Clone App Test

Test it in a day!

Since Wooberly is built using Flutter which uses single codebase for both iOS and Android, efforts spent in testing will be tremendously saved. Let it be logic, a new feature, it is all the same in both the platforms. Moreover, the only thing to watch out for is the UI to be perfect across all the devices.

Discover the Tech Stack of Wooberly – Uber Clone

Wooberly – Uber Clone App uses modern tech stack to make things easier for app developers to cut-down a lot of development efforts, time, and also cost.

Google Maps and Geocoder are used to fetch user’s current location, live tracking, and also routing

GraphQL has been used to improve APIs performance

adhara socket IO creates seamless connections between mobile devices

Furthermore Firebase handles all the push notifications and crash analytics

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Driver Features of Wooberly – Uber Clone



A driver can register to become a driver by entering the mobile number and using Twilio verification, an OTP is sent to confirm the mobile number to avoid fake registration

uber clone driver registration

Payout method

Drivers can receive their payment via Cash or Card at the end of a trip. The transaction happens at a flash of light and gets notifications after the process is complete.


Multi-Currency and language

Drivers can choose any international currency and it currently provides 24+ currencies. Wooberly – Uber Clone supports multi-languages such as English, Spanish, Italy, and Portugues.



Drivers can track the upcoming and completed trips within the app. The driver gets easy access to receipts.


Driver’s status

Driver can toggle between online and offline with a single click.


Push notifications

The driver gets real-time updates on new bookings and the location of the rider is shared to pick up the rider at their location.

Rider Features of Wooberly – Uber Clone


One-Click Signup option

Wooberly comes with a simple registration process with Twilio SMS gateway that sends verification code via SMS immediately for confirmation and thus eliminating fake users.

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Multiple Categories

Riders can choose a variety of available categories based on their preference. Wooberly – Uber Clone makes user’s ride more convenient based on their budget and need.


Live tracking

Live tracking feature helps the riders to track the driver and the current route. This enables the riders to know the driver’s exact location and ETA.

Uber-Clone-Payment options

Payment options

Wooberly provides multiple payment options for riders. A rider can pay for their entire ride by card or cash at their convenience.


Fare estimation

The Rider can get an approximate fare before the ride starts. Also, they can get a detailed breakdown of the billing after the ride is completes.


Experience our Uber Clone Rider & Driver apps demo 


Explore Wooberly Rider demo

Wooberly – Uber Clone is built with the modern technologies to deliver an eye-catching and attractive visual appearance that elevates the performance and speed. Experience our striking iOS and Android apps demo to know more about our trendy features.


Explore Wooblery Driver demo

Take a tour of our driver app to experience the engaging and seamless user interface. Wooberly – Uber clone script, is built with the required features to start your taxi business or any on-demand services. You can find the Wooberly driver app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


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