With decades of the patriarchal burden borne by the women in our society and still practiced in many other countries – bearing both beauty and brains, it is time that we emerge out of our cocoon and show the world that we are very much capable of being a super cool mompreneur/ solopreneur / working-moms or anything we want to be.

Here I am, typing away stories on International Women’s Day 2023 about women in online business doing a great job influencing the younger generation to come.

Hello Alfred:

Hello Alfred was founded in 2014 by two Harvard graduates who were tired of coming to a dirty apartment. It is a resident-management software that helps intuitive people with services ranging from laundry, groceries to package deliveries – every service that is required for a busy person. It is located in over 20 cities in the USA.


Long gone are the days that females can’t travel without a male companion. PinkTrotters a marketplace that exclusively makes sure women of like-mindedness travel and explores together.

It is a global lifestyle social networking platform for women: the one-stop for a place to organize events, trips with female-only privileges. Eliana Salvi, CEO of Pinktrotters says that her firm’s mission is to

“Bring cosmopolitan women together for online and offline experiences they will never forget and to keep our network going long after the moments enjoyed have ended.”

They connect women who look for beauty and spa services, cafes, clubs, Cocktail bars, Hotels, Restaurants, and shops- in and around the UK and Italy.


Robyn Exton who wanted to have a safe space for gay women to explore their dating options and also read and find events about empowering the female queer community founded Her in 2013. It was to embrace the LGBTQ female community.


We know we are crazy about fashion. And imagine not wearing the same outfit everywhere because now you can rent outfits with Girlmeetsdress. Anna Bance, the co-founder of Girl Meets Dress uses the sharing economy to connect women and leading fashion brands through her marketplace.

It was started in the year 2009 when the recession mindset dominated, she introduced the “cost per use” concept on branded clothes. Girl Meets Dress customers rent over 4,000 dresses from about 200 designers from more than 30 countries.


The CEO and Co-founder of ClassPass, Payal Kadakia Pujji, an MIT graduate is running a subscription-based marketplace connecting boutique-like fitness centers and end-users.

She started her venture in 2014 and her story goes like this: Payal is a dancer by passion and was tired of looking for dance studios, that when it dawned to her about her prospering business idea. Her objective is to encourage people gyming and be consistent about it.

Hera Hub:

Girl Power at its max. This venture was commemorated in 2011. Felena Hanson, the CEO of HeraHub owns a marketplace just to encourage fellow women entrepreneurs, or should I quote “spa-inspired workspace for women”. Hera Hub‘s mission is to

“Provide entrepreneurial women with a productive, professional work and meeting space, where they can connect with a like-minded community to collaborate and flourish.”

They help women with all stages of business in industries including finance, marketing, technology, legal, personal services, education, and non-profit.

What online marketplace business prospects are there for business aspirants?

Allow me to pitch you a few business ideas that involve a marketplace to run your business easily.

1. On-demand Catering services:

We know how hard it is to look for a caterer for our festivities. How about owning an on-demand marketplace that your audience trusts and book their festive caterers? And you manage the catering listings and end-users hassle-free using your marketplace!

2. Furniture renting platform:

People who are on the move could list or rent their furniture for others to book as and when there is a need. Now that’s an interesting business prospect, don’t you think?

3. On-demand Flower delivery services:

The same goes for delivering flowers. You could own a marketplace connecting flower shops and the end-customer who would love to shop from them. Why not you help them both with your marketplace?

4. Branded clothes rental business:

Not every one of us can afford Dior, Armani, Louis Vuitton, or Prada now can we? But you could make the dreams of some fashion freak come true with your rental marketplace.

5. On-demand handmade gifts delivery services:

You could connect artisans who make hand-woven sarees, jute bags, silk thread bangles, sculptures, and paintings with the people who have the means to buy and enjoy it. You could help rejuvenate a dying art through your marketplace.

6. Home-cooked meal delivery services:

Having a home-cooked meal after a long day at work or people who care about their fitness and health is something that is happening now. How about you create an online platform to connect home-makers who would like to make some extra cash by preparing home-made food and the working folks who don’t have the time to cook food? It’s a scenario to think about and it could also be a booming business opportunity.

7. Organic seeds delivery business:

Plant Moms out there! Are you passionate about making a difference? A green world perhaps? You could start your own organic seeds delivery business and make the world a better place.

8. Online tutoring business:

Are you an aspiring business graduate who wants to juggle the theoretical and practical experience of running your own business? This is a great opportunity of educating the mass to get better in their career/ professional life!

9. Pet grooming business:

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Are you a pet-lover looking for a business opportunity to follow your heart and earn some money out of it? How about owning a marketplace that connects pet groomers and pet owners? Exciting, right?

10. Online beauty services:

Wouldn’t you just love a spa day after a long week? What are your feelings on running a marketplace connecting beauty & spa salons and the end-users? Booking appointments via your marketplace for a home spa day!

Bonus Ideas to play around:

  • Babysitting business.
  • Online home cleaning business.
  • Online errand business.
  • Female taxi Startups.
  • Pet sitting Services.
  • Eldercare services.

At Least this International Women’s Day- let’s say to our daughters that she can be anything she desires to be. Happy International Women’s Day 2023. Remember! You are a star that shines every day – not just with your smile but also your thoughts.

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