Top 10 On-Demand Startup Ideas in 2024

Top 10 On-Demand Startup Ideas in 2024

We have collected the top 10 interesting on-demand startup ideas of 2024 based on the needs of the people and the emergence of new startups.


We all know that the on-demand business model has completely changed the way goods and service operates. The increase in the use of mobile phones has, in turn, fueled the growth of the on-demand business across many industries.

More entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative business ideas and interesting & practical solutions to the problems faced by the top MNCs to end-users. We have consolidated the top 10 interesting on-demand startup ideas.

Let’s get into it.

1. On-demand food delivery platform

There are successful companies in the market that are acting as an intermediate between restaurants and the people. Users make an order by browsing through various options in the food-delivery platform and the food is delivered to the ordered user.

DoorDash and UberEats-like apps operate on this principle.

2. Connecting mechanics with the car owners on-demand

There is an exclusive platform called YourMechanic to connect car owners to skilled mechanics. You can use the platform to get the car repaired, do general maintenance, or change any car parts. The users schedule an appointment at a particular time, day, and place – home or work. The mechanics show up at the appointed time and day, get the work done and the user pays only after the job is done.

You can build a on-demand car repair app from our Uber clone, a readymade on-demand platform for entrepreneurs.

3. On-demand dog walking

An unusual business model that got popular is the on-demand walking dog for pet owners. The platform connects independent pet experts with dog owners. Insure the service and undergo a thorough background check of the pet walkers before commencing their work on the platform.

4. On-demand babysitters

Like the previous business model, there is an on-demand business model of connecting babysitters and nannies to new parents. Parents need babysitters for an extra helping hand. Before babysitters and nannies sign into the platform, doing a background check on their qualifications can help to build a secure platform.

5. Cleaning service

Hire maids and house cleaners on-demand. There is a failed company – Homejoy that can tell the tragic story. But refurbishing the idea into a profitable venture is a thought to consider.

Creating a platform to hire lawyers for any problems is a nice innovative business model. There are online platforms that are making it successful like UpCounsel.

7. Platform to connect healthcare providers to patients

Like babysitters, nannies, and watching dogs, there is a marketplace to hire doctors for seeing patients suffering from any major injuries to internal problems.

8. Plumbing service

Like babysitters, nannies, and watching dogs, there is a marketplace to hire doctors for seeing patients suffering from major injuries to internal problems.

There are many handyman service apps in the market. Every service is unique in dealing with its customers. So, make sure you research well before staring your business.

9. Online Farmers market

Farmers need fertilizers, pesticides, tools, seeds, manure, etc. for their farms. Having an on-demand business dedicated to the need of the farmers is a good business model.

10. On-demand staffing

MNCs and startups sometimes get into the problem of acute shortage of employees. They might need a temporary resource for a particular project instead of hiring a permanent employee. Creating a platform to hire independent or temporary workers would help many MNCs and startup companies. It also benefits freelancers and contract workers to acquire clients and have projects in the pipeline.

That is a compiled list of on-demand startup ideas.

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