How are team-building exercises so important to increase productivity?

How are team-building exercises so important to increase productivity?

Is your company not big on team-building exercises? You should know why you introducing games could create more bond! Read further and let's change perspectives!

Saaradha Thilagam S
Saaradha Thilagam S

Many organizations take team-building exercises very seriously. It is important to acknowledge the changing circumstances of the corporate setup.

Employee satisfaction is considered an essential part of any organization. Nowadays, companies worldwide embrace a hybrid work culture except certain traditionally performing organizations. In the days to come some companies will take a ‘break’ from being monotonous and tedious.

In this article, you’ll get to know a few factors that increase productivity through team-building exercises in the organization.

What constitutes productivity?

The quality and the quantity of the work a person does in a stipulated time (working hours) is the old definition of productivity.

The new form of productivity constitutes balancing work-life hours, learning beyond the routine, bringing in new ideas to improve the organization, developing soft and hard skills with time.

It’s time that we work on ourselves on par with working for the organization’s growth.

What is team-building?

A group of people who work towards a common goal, assist each other, and communicate with each other constitutes teamwork or team-building.

With time, the concept of teamwork evolved into being supportive, showing a united front, cheering for team growth, having healthy competition amongst the team has also been included to embrace the changing work culture.

5 Reasons why team-building exercises increase productivity

Team-building exercises are fun activities that are focused on growing team strength and cultivating team spirit amongst the employees.

These are the 5 reasons why team-building exercises can make the most of any team.

1. Communication
Even an introverted employee can make friends within a sporting activity amongst the team members. The communication barriers are broken, the gender bias is forgotten when the team sticks towards a common goal.

2. Innovation
The best member of the team is the laziest person. We would have heard or read it in many places that Bill Gates says that he’d hire a lazy person to do the most difficult job at Microsoft. As he’ll be the one to find the easiest way to get the work done.

Quick-witted, lazy people who are good at working perfectly even at the last minute will find innovative ways to make it happen.

3. Identify leaders
The team-building exercise is very much useful to find true leaders among the lot. They take up responsibility, delegate work according to the caliber of the co-workers, motivate them, etc.

A leader can be very easily identified with the right set of activities to engage with the employees during the team-building sessions.

4. Uncover hidden potential
Something always shocking happens during playing games within the office for the very first time. A very submissive person in the team might take charge of the whole thing and lead the team towards success.

5. Mutual Support
People who are not very supportive during work will come to a mindset, as everyone will be working towards success. They can assist each other, cheer for each other to achieve excellence.

Any core interests of your team members will be unraveled during activities that make the team victorious.

3 Best and Proven team-building exercises that boost productivity

Untangle hands

This could be an outdoor activity or in a more spacious place. A group of 10 or more can be segregated. People can get hold of each others’ hands in a crisscross. And the team has to find a way to untangle themselves without losing grip of their linked hands.

This activity will teach your team the importance of having a common goal and listening to each other’s perspectives to achieve it.

Back-to-back drawing

This activity involves 3 players with a white sheet and a marker each. It could very easily be an indoor game. Each player has to place the white paper on the back of the player in the front. The first person will draw something on the paper, which has to be repeated by the person in the front and it goes on.

The drawing of the first person and the last has to match at least 5 factors. This also informs the importance of communication and how miscommunication can confuse the team.

Paper art

A team of two can join hands in this game. Where one dresses the other one will have the newspaper and other props. A theme can be chosen just to make it interesting. And the people who are dressed in newspapers have to explain about the costume to the rest of the people present.

This activity helps people to lose stage fright, encourages being sportive, increases creativity and time management.

What qualities do team-building exercises bring out of a team?

When it comes to team-building exercises these are the five qualities that will be inducted in the team members which ultimately makes them more productive and interested in their work.

  • The problem-solving ability will be increased.
  • There will be an evident creativity boost.
  • Fun games enhance time management skills.
  • It helps with inducing critical thinking skills in the team.
  • The power of making the right decision at the right time can be inculcated.

To inspire teamwork and other qualities that you would like for your team to have, just make sure you put the employees’ reasonable needs first rather than making your company more profitable.

Having hard-working people as employees who cares about the goals of your business will take you places. For this to happen, team-building exercises would be an essential part of growth.


Saaradha Thilagam S

Saaradha is a former content writer at RadicalStart. She helped aspiring entrepreneurs digitize their business through thoroughly constructed blogs on booming business ideas and technology.