Top features to consider while developing an Airbnb-like platform

Top features to consider while developing an Airbnb-like platform

Let's discover some of the top features to consider while creating an Airbnb-like platform.


Over the last decade, the notion of Airbnb has inspired many people, and the profit it has made its inventors has pushed many individuals to enter the online rental market and establish their own on-demand rental platforms.

Those interested in entering the sector ought to educate themselves on the many critical components of building an on-demand rental platform such as Airbnb, one of which is the features that should be included in the platform.

The features of a platform have always been an obvious determinant of a platform's reach and success, and as such, features must be built with intention.

In this blog post, we will look into some of the top features that one might want to consider while developing a platform similar to Airbnb. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Top features that are necessary in an Airbnb-like platform

The features that the application provides to the user are undeniably a crucial selling point for any web or mobile application, which has led to its success among the target audience.

Similarly, as the leader in the sharing economy, Airbnb provides a plethora of beneficial features that benefit its guests and hosts alike.

Here are some of the top features that anyone looking to enter the on-demand rental industry might want to make sure are available in their own Airbnb clone:

Advanced search filters

The search filters on Airbnb’s platform are what assist guests with finding the best place for their stay.

It allows them to sort out the properties not just based on their location but on the basis of multiple other parameters such as price range, number of guests, the guest’s personal requirements, etc., and for this reason, it is a much-appreciated feature on the platform.

This is also why advanced search filters that enable the guest to sort out the ideal property for their stay are a top feature to have in an Airbnb clone.

Advanced search filters improve the user’s experience with the platform, which results in the platform gaining a positive attraction from its target audience.


Having a ‘Messages’ feature would allow guests to directly question the host, giving them the benefit of the doubt and fostering a sense of security and goodwill between the two.

As messaging helps both the host and guest clarify their queries regarding the stay, it is an important feature that should be available in an Airbnb clone.

Instant book

Another feature of Airbnb’s platform that is highly desirable in an Airbnb clone application is the Instant Book.

Instant book” is a popular feature that is much appreciated by many guests, as it allows them to book a property at their own convenience without having to wait for confirmation from the host.

Instant Book is particularly appealing to guests as it eliminates the possibility of the booking being cancelled, which is also why it is seen as a top feature in any Airbnb-like platform.

Multiple payment/payout options

Airbnb has offered its users multiple payment methods for booking their stay, which has contributed to ensuring user convenience. For this reason, providing multiple payment methods can be regarded as a must-have feature on a platform similar to Airbnb.

Providing more than one payment method on the platform, as well as allowing the host to connect several bank accounts as their payout alternatives to their user account, is a feature that would substantially aid in achieving user satisfaction.

Multiple language and currency support

Another top feature to ensure is available in one’s Airbnb clone is multiple language support, as English isn't always everyone's preferred language of communication.

Enabling users to be able to operate the platform in a language of their own choice helps the platform reach a wider range of audiences.

Similarly, enabling multiple currency support will also have a positive impact on the platform’s performance among the masses.

Wish list

A wishlist is another feature that would increase user convenience in one's Airbnb clone, as it would allow its users to save the locations of their favourite prior stays or the preferred properties for their future trips to their user account.

Allowing the users to access a wishlist will enable them to view these listings at any time they need, and they can quickly book these saved listings at their leisure without having to look them up again.

Trip details/Reservation history

Trip details offered as a separately accessible feature that displays the details of forthcoming and previous trips is also something to make sure is available in an Airbnb clone, as it would make it easier for guests to browse and verify their stay information as well as enable them to maintain track of their travel schedule.

Similarly, a reservation history tab would enable the host to view the complete details of all the bookings made by the guests. This way, they will be able to keep track of the upcoming and past reservations, along with their present status.

Reviews and ratings

The reviews and ratings from both the guest and host are another must-have feature in an Airbnb clone.

This feature would allow the guest who wishes to book a particular property to check the reviews on the host as well as the property before they can proceed with the booking process.

Similarly, through reviews, hosts will be able to get to know their potential guests before they can confirm booking requests.

In this way, allowing the users to leave reviews would enable the host and guests to establish trust and ensure their safety during the stay.

Display theme

Though this isn't particularly available on the Airbnb platform, one might want to consider setting up their own Airbnb clone with different display themes, such as dark mode and light mode, as different people have different preferences.

A large number of people prefer dark mode while using electronic devices as it minimises eye strain and makes operating the platform at night much more comfortable.

Enabling users to switch between any of the two modes can have an effect on the target audience, and this could even impact the performance of the entire platform.


The above-listed are some of the most desirable features in a rental platform like Airbnb that one might want to make sure are available in their Airbnb clone in order to maximise efficiency.

These features would aid in improving the user experience and achieving consumer satisfaction, attracting a wider audience to the platform.

Be it custom-developed platforms or ready-made clone solutions, these are the top features that would turn the business into a successful start-up.
If you are someone who plans on setting up your own Airbnb-like platform, make sure to customise these features into your platform.

If you intend to purchase a ready-made solution, examine the clone to see if the above-noted features are available. This will help you with choosing the best Airbnb clone solution for your business, ensuring that the Airbnb clone delivers value for your investment.

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