Top taxi app in the UK

Top 10 Popular Taxi Apps in the UK

Discover the top 10 Taxi apps dominating the UK market in 2023 and make your travel experiences more convenient than ever!

Mohamed Imran
Mohamed Imran

Gone are the days when we cherished our moments with nostalgia. Now things got changed, everything is ever-changing, and we have countless options in every possible way.

So do the number of options while choosing a taxi booking app.

However, each taxi business differs with its unique value proposition to the riders and the drivers.

Imagine this scenario - you're rushing to catch a flight or wretched after a long day of exploring cities. You want a reliable mode of transportation. Yes! I have guessed it RIGHT.

So to put our readers in mind, we have combined a list of the best taxi app in the UK - based on convenience and efficiency.



As we all know that Uber is a well-known taxi app; however, in the UK, it has the same center of attraction among drivers and riders.

Having a presence in over 70+ countries in more than 10,000+ cities, Uber holds a tuff spot in the taxi booking niche.

In the UK, Uber lost its license; however, it managed to get it back. Though, the UK isn't the only place where Uber faced backlash.



Not only specialized in the taxi industry, but they have also been well exposed among various niches, like micro-mobility, food, and grocery delivery.

Similarly, like Uber, the Bolt was banned in 2017 due to licensing issues, but it reappeared two years later, in 2019.

Their list of vehicle options staggered the rider with countless choices, which gives them a big hand to choose the most convenient option on the platform.

Furthermore, the rider can set trip costs before confirming the ride.

Since they are partnering with more than 35,000 drivers, we can certify Bolt as one of the huge contributors.



Beyond the ridesharing business, they have established their presence in various verticals such as electric vehicles, financial services, and Cloud kitchens, which says - they're not only specialized in the taxi business but also trying new paths.

Following Bolt and Uber, Ola is grabbing the audience's attention using the same strategy. I think everyone has the same motto: reducing the carbon footprint.



Founded in 2012, Via started as a public transportation, logistics, and technology company headquartered in New York cities. Via partners with more than 400 local governments across 20+ countries globally.

The best thing about Via is that passenger who heads across the same destination can ride together in a single vehicle. Thus this concept of sharing rides saves money for both riders.



Uber's luxurious competitor, Wheely, was founded in 2012 by Anton Chirkunov. He took the concept of but implemented it in the Taxi booking industry. Led by Anton, Wheely didn't follow the usual path; instead, they addressed a new segment, the luxury space.

Whelly specialize in the premium segment. It is clear as glass that the goal wasn't to scale to a different location but to target a unique set of groups. This initiative is thriving across countries such as London, Russia, and France.



Gett is an Israeli-based B2B ground transportation management platform and B2C taxi booking app headquartered in London. It started as GetTaxi by Israeli entrepreneurs Shahar Waiser and Roi More in 2010.

Gett has urged to become a carbon-neutral platform - like their wish; they make it work by giving access to the fleet of electric taxis for riders.

Taxiapp UK


As opposed to the taxi apps in this blog, Taxiapp UK itself started with the motive to run as a non-profitable organization to prevent black cabs from getting kicked out of the industry.

Specifically, the concept of driver knowledge enables the driver to master London's road network before getting a license. As a result, this makes the rider travel with drivers who know the map at their fingertips.

Addison lee


Addison Lee, which was started in 1975 by John Gryphon, has been around for a long time. Born has the strangest and most amusing story. The story was,

To be listed first in the telephone directory, the name must begin with the letter "A", though they thought the name Addison Lee would fulfill the requirement; thus, they let it exist. That's how the thing started.

Whether it's a car service, courier, or airport transfer, they have covered everything for you. And the recent collaboration with ComCab made them a key player in London.



Arro is a taxi booking app that specializes in making day-to-day transportation easier. The platform indulges various tools for hailing and paying for taxis, making the user experience straightforward.

ARRO connects you to the nearest available drivers in locations around the US and UK. And you can access their app in both App Store and Play Store, which means they have Android and iOS apps.

Free Now


Free Now, headquartered in Germany, was started in February 2019 as a joint venture between BMW and Daimler Mobility.

It is one of the largest vehicles to hire companies in Europe. More than that, they further offer e-scooters, e-mopeds, and e-bikes by partnering with TIER, VOI, EMMY, Cooltra, and others to make this possible.

Now, they're serving over 150 European cities, including Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, Paris, and some cities. And riders across London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Oxford, Manchester, Reading, Derby, and Leicester can access Free Now.

End note

In a world that never stops moving, where brands are evolving by the technologies and offerings, why not we as riders or drivers prefer the right one?

These top taxi apps listed above would give you a glimpse of the best taxi in the Uk; don't take my words "blindly" - do your research - like how their offers could impact your riding experience or driving, whatever.

And pick the one that could satisfy all your needs.

I hope this blog indulges the fact with a soothing articulation.

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