How to build an app like TaskRabbit?

How to build an app like TaskRabbit?

From the app workflow to the features to integrate, here is the only guide to know before developing an app like TaskRabbit.

Mohamed Imran
Mohamed Imran

The growth of the Handyman app

The quick adaptation of mobile phones and technology has changed consumer behavior disruptively. The rise in app usage has led people to prefer quick solutions.

That is how the Handyman service app becomes a hit among consumers. Who won't like getting their home service fulfilled in their homes?

Also, the app makes it convenient for the users to book the service to the payment process. It is a note-worthy point to examine that the user prefers to go for an effortless option rather than a time-consuming one.

On average, the US Handyman service market generates $105.55 billion annually.

What is the TaskRabbit app?

It was founded by Leah Busque in 2008, about 15 years ago. The company is an online marketplace that matches home service providers with the service seeker. Currently has more than ten thousand taskers(service providers) to serve task posters(service seekers) with many service categories available in the platform.

To give you some fascinating context, after the INGKA Group acquired TaskRabbit in 2017, it closed all its physical offices, including those in San Francisco and California. The goal was to promote them as a remote-first company.

Some popular services include furniture assembly, house cleaning, help moving, minor plumbing repairs, and heavy lifting.

Though TaskRabbit has listed numerous services on the platform, users have difficulty choosing the service they want. A lot of options to choose from, right?

TaskRabbit app workflow

Workflow for Task poster

After Sign-in/Sign-up, the user receives OTP to get into the app. The Task posters can choose the category they want. Following that, they can send a small note about the job.

Once you posted the job, the app matches the users with several taskers who fit your requirements. Finally, the Taskers reach the respective house and do the service.

After the job completion, the user can rate the Taskers as well.

Workflow for Taskers

After Sign-in/Sign-up, the Taskers need to choose the service they like to serve. And confirm identity so that the admin side of TaskRabbit verifies the profiles, and if approved, the platform charges $25 as a registration fee.

When the Taskers assign their availability, the platform set the task accordingly. And the Taskers frequently receive the jobs.

Must add features to the TaskRabbit-like app

Task posters - Service seeker (Features)


⭐ Sign-in/ Sign-up

These features let the users (taskers or task posters) register for the app. So, the user can register using their name, phone number, email, and other personal details. It filters spam and helps the platform to onboard valid users.

⭐ Search filter

This feature is a basic one to look for because it makes the user book for the specific service category. Yet it's not restricted to only the search, moreover, the user can filter with pricing, location & more.

⭐ Booking details

The user can view the booking details like working hours, service category, and fare of past and current bookings.

⭐ Multi payment option

Give the user the accessibility to paying with different payment options like credit/debit, wallet, and cash options. Now, it's become essential for web and apps to integrate this option.

⭐ Job image & description

The task poster can upload their home image and service description to tell the exact status quo of the job that needs to be done.

⭐ In-app chat

In-app chat enables the user to chat with the taskers regarding the service. It might help them sort out doubts through these features.

⭐ Track job

The task poster can keep track of the job, whether the work goes as assigned or not.

⭐ Ratings

After the service fulfillment, what happens in most of the apps? As a user, we need to give reviews & ratings, right? This feature is pivotal for your Handyman app, though you're helping future users to make an informed decision.

⭐ Promo codes

Giving offers like promo codes stimulate your user. It makes them feel like they're getting better deals from your platform; therefore, it must have features.

Taskers - Service provider (Features)

⭐ Documents

Make this feature available to your platform; by doing so, the admin can verify that the professionals are skilled and verified.

⭐ Availability toggle

It helps the Taskers to change their availability status into active or inactive. On the other hand, it makes aware of the service seeker whether they can avail of Taskers or not.

⭐ Payout

This feature allows the Taskers to receive their earning through their bank account. They need to give default payment to receive the earnings from the admin.

⭐ Earning

Monitoring the earning report becomes easy with this feature. It breaks down the earnings that the Tasker makes through the platform.

⭐ Job tracker

The Tasker can track the job they're in. They can even pause the job if it's required.

⭐ Cancellation

This feature allows the Tasker to cancel the job request if they don't want to indulge in the work. But the Tasker needs to give an appropriate reason to cancel.

⭐ Manage service category

The Handyman can choose the service category they want to provide. If it gets accepted by the admin, they can even set the fare to the category.

Admin (Features)

⭐ Dashboard

The admin dashboard displays the overview of the Handyman business operation. If the dashboard displays the earnings and overall bookings, it makes the best admin dashboard.

⭐ Service category

This feature allows the admin to add or remove the service category from the platform. It enables the admin to set fixed or hourly pricing models.

⭐ Site settings

Admin can perform such actions including the site setting such as logo, image, meta description, and other essential to-do settings.

⭐ Manage users and service provider

With the features available in the platform, the admin can manage the user as well as the service provider. So the admin can manage the user data, add, delete, and even remove the user from the platform.

⭐ Location

The admin can choose the active location of their business operation. It makes them run their Handyman business operation wherever they want.

⭐ Push notification

It enables the admin to send notifications simultaneously to the users and the Handyman. For instance, if there are any announcements or offers to make, push notifications may be the best way to do so.

⭐ Auto payout

Payout to the service provider becomes automated, which streamlines the payment transfer process to the service provider.

TaskRabbit - Custom VS ready-made solution

Custom development

Custom development is the process of developing an app from scratch, meaning: the developers need to code from the start.

However, it requires an enormous time and team to make this possible; however, most big corporates like it this way. The reason is that it gives accessibility to integrate new features that are wholly fresh.

The pricing here is expensive despite building it from scratch. At a bare minimum, it demands $50,000 - $70,000 but differs to the business and your requirements.

If you're looking for an alternative, let's look at the Readymade solution.

Readymade solution

The readymade solution is a pre-built app that functions identically to the custom-built app. It is customizable and can integrate new features up to the requirements.

Unlike custom development, customization and testing are processes that barely need to be done. It makes it even more appealing for entrepreneurs to choose a readymade solution.

To sum up, choosing a readymade solution and custom development is up to your budget and needs.

If you choose a readymade solution to proceed further with the Handyman app development, you can plumb for a TaskRabbit clone.

However, we can say that this solution costs you around $5000-$8000, if you want to get it precisely, then reach out to [email protected].

End note

Through this blog, we have meticulously discussed building an app like TaskRabbit, we think you now end up with a clear understanding of the entire process.

Building an app like TaskRabbit necessitates a thorough understanding of the market, user needs, and available technologies. To establish a valuable Handyman business, one must be aware of current business trends, such as what happening in the contemporaneous scenario.

To help you with that, this TaskRabbit business model article will help you do better.

While developing the TaskRabbit-like app, keep the user experience in mind and conduct market research to determine which features to include.

Take inspiration from the top handyman app in 2023 - it will help you understand the current market and how you can be better in the niche.

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